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Visit Germany Online is a content rich internet site presenting details and links to all that is German on the internet. The coverage includes these topics:

Facts & Figures, Favorite Cities, Transportation, Food, Entertainment, Music, Museums, Education, Language, Video, Shopping, Collectables,  Books, Stamps, and Postcards.

Through the magic of carefully selected hyperlinks, a visitor can zip around from place to place, topic to topic, and even country to country with just a few clicks.

Germany is my favorite European country. Since 1963 when I first traveled to Germany, I have returned for visits many times. No, I am not German. Or even part German. I did live in Zweibrucken from 1963 until 1965 at the convenience of the United States Air Force. My memories of all my trips are vivid. I'm going to share what I like about Germany with you.


Let me take you along to the Germany I have come to know. No tickets needed. No luggage to carry. Just a computer connected to the magic carpet that is the internet. Included in this Visit Germany Online activity are aspects of Germany which I have experienced first hand. Now it is your turn. Let me guide you. As an arm chair traveler, you can enjoy much that is German from the comfort of your home.


A suggestion from me to you is to follow every link you see. You just never know where the next turn around a corner --- with just a click --- will take you. Probably you will go places you might not have thought about. The serendipity of a normal  travel experience is partially replicated by clicking here.

Old postcard images and stamps from my collection will be used throughout this site. This site is supported by my enthusiasm for European travel, and by the sale of books, stamps, and postcards.

A Word About Audio On These Pages
If you have your speakers turned on and the volume turned up, you've been listening to some great German music. If you prefer not to hear the music, please turn down the volume on your speakers. All pages have different Germany music to add to your enjoyment of Visit Germany Online.



Here is my link rack which you will find at the bottom of each page that will assist you in quickly moving from page to page, topic to topic and country to country.

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