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Even through visiting Europe Online is great fun, there really is nothing like going to these countries in the flesh. Armchair travel is economical. And for some folks it is the only way to go.

But if you're adventurous enough, and able to go, then why not actually go to Europe? I will offer travel tips based on my many trips which might encourage you to make the trip. You can experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and activities for yourself. 

A word of encouragement is to tell you to ignore anyone who would caution you against making the trip. Life is too short to miss doing something you really want to do.

The cost of a European vacation can be less than you might think. That's what usually stops many travelers. I have a few suggestions which may make the trip seem more affordable. Just hold on for the tips as they are included in the pages of this section.

I will tell you up front that the most fun about a trip to Europe is in the anticipation and in the planning. To think that you have free will to go anywhere you want to go, and to do anything you want to do, is a wonderful feeling to have.

The satisfaction of a trip like this comes from the confidence you will have gained when you return. Top think that you visited all those places and lived to tell about it is great. You will have stories to tell for years to come. Well, until your next trip to Europe when you'll get more stories.

So here are some tips from a person who has been there and done that. There is no order to these tips. Just random thoughts as thought I was remembering then just for you as we are having a conversation. In fact that's what's happening. Me, my keyboard, and you the reader. Read on. Be sure to slick links as you come to them for more information.

A Short Audio Story

Your friend overseas where ever you travel as an American is the United States State Department. Click HERE for details about what they can do to help you if you need help.

You can continue on to the next page by clicking on the HERE at the bottom of each page. You you can use the link rack at the bottom of each page to hop around as you choose. There will not be a test on this stuff. Just have fun.  Cheers:>)

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