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As you might expect, there are millions of places to stay in Europe. I still feel sleeping on a train is the best way to go for most nights. Read my explanation of EurailHoteling on the previous page.

An occasional night in a hotel is fine. But I would rather not give up my hard earned cash for a couple hours sleeping in a room. Oh, there are bargains. And there are nice places that are worth the money. Let me tell you about some places where I have stayed.


Youth Hostels (These are usually way our of the way with no privacy what ever.)
Elder Hostels (same)
Rooms above a bar (In Germany there are often inexpensive single rooms upstairs)
Campgrounds )(if you are able to get out of town)
Airport (This is a great place to sleep free)
Motels (Only if you have a car)
Pensions (Better if you remain in a place for a few days)
Train Station (No. Do not do this.)
Private Houses (Best. Find these through the booking office at train stations)
Hotels (Many are inexpensive but you need to walk to find them.)

Click HERE to go to a Google list of inexpensive places to stay in Europe. Follow the links. You may find just what you're looking for.

My thoughts on accommodation. If you sleep in a train compartment one night, then the room at a hotel is only half as expensive if you average the two. When you rent a hotel room, check in in the afternoon and check out at the last minute.

 Get your moneys worth.

Someone has even written a book about sleeping in airports. HERE is a link to it.

Here is their link bar.

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