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Swan August Anderson

1810 Generation Father Side

Andras ____non born Sept 24, 1810 in Stokaryd.
Married Lena Petersdotter born May 11, 1815 in Hjamseryd.
(GID: 1136.12.596)  Click HERE to see GID image.

They had five children:


Anna Catarina




Maja Lisa




Johan Peter




Sven August  Click HERE to see Emigration Record




Lena Maja




1796 Generation Mother Side

Petter Nilsson born Oct 26, 1796 married
Caisa Lisa Sounsdotter (?) born November 16, 1797.
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They had seven children:














Anna Lisa




Caisa Maja




Sven Magnus







1840 Generation Sweden

Stokaryd (GID: 1092.47.26500) Click HERE to see image of GID record.

Swan A______ Anderson b. December 18, l840 d. February 7, l920 (80 years 1 month 19 days)

Swan married Caroline Lena Peterson in 1832 in Sweden.  They had six children when they left their home in Sweden to come to the United States. They emigrated 10/17/1884 all from Sondra Soregard, Hjalmseryd, Jonkopings lan (Smoland).

Swan was born Sven August Andersson 12/16/1840 in Stockaryd, Jönköpings lan (Smoland)

Lena was born Lena Petersdotter  7/30/1842 in Stockaryd, Jönköpings lan (Smoland)


Fred A Anderson b. 8/18/1866  d. ______1933 Anders Fritiof Svensson Andersson  Click HERE to see Emigration Record
John A Anderson b. 4/17/1869 d. ______1890 Per Johan Elias Svensson Andersson Click HERE to see Emigration Record
Caroline Lena Anderson b. 11/3/l871 d. 11/ 21/ l948 Karolina Kristina Svensdotter Andersson Click HERE to see Emigration Record
Frank Patrick Anderson b. 4/12/1874 d.  19/12/l942  Frans Patrik Svensson Andersson Click HERE to see Emigration Record
married Kate
Charles A Anderson b.1/13/1877 d. ______1931 Karl August Svensson Andersson Click HERE to see Emigration Record
Hulda Anderson b. 12/15/ l877 d. 10/ 28/ l950 Hilda Josefina Svensdotter Andersson Click HERE to see Emigration Record
Maudie  Anderson b. ______1890 d. ______1937 (Born in the USA)

More about Jönköpings lan (Smoland) SOURCE

Sven August Anderson b. December 18, 1840 in Stockaryd, Jönköping d. February 7, 1920 in Joliet, Illinois.

He married Lena Petersdotter b. July 30, 1842 in Stockaryd, Jönköping d. in Joliet, Illinois.

They had six children all born in Stockaryd, Jönköping. All died in Joliet, Illinois.
Anders Fritiof b. 1866 18/8 d.
Per Johan Elias b. 1869 17/4 d. 1890. Specific date not known yet.
Karolina Kristina b. 1871 3/11 d. 1948 21/11
Frans Patrick b. 1874 12/4 d. 1942 19/12
Karl August b. 1877 13/1 d. 
Hilda Josefina b. 1877 15/12 d. 1950 10/28

They had one child born in Joliet, Illinois. Maude b. d. 

They came to the USA 10/17/1884. They departed from Sodra Soregard, Hjalmseryd, Jönköping.

In 1900 they moved into a newly constructed home which they built just down the street from a stone quarry where Sven (Swan) and Anders worked the remainder of their life.

Anders Fritiof was nicknamed Fred. He worked in a limestone quarry with his father. He never married and had no children.

Per Johan Elias was nicknamed John. He was killed in 1890. This is being investigated to try and find out how and when he died. He was not married and had no children.

Karolina Kristina was nicknamed Caroline. She married Johan Gustaf Svensson who was b. May 31, 1868 in Dörarp, Kronoberg d. July 4, 1923 in Joliet, Illinois.
    They had five children all born in Joliet, Illinois.
    Edith Caroline b. October 3, 1897 d. June 11, 1977. (My grandmother)
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    Francis John Robert b. November 11, 1899 d. October 1, 1961
    Evelyn Christine b. January 22, 1902 d. July 21, 1972
    Else Marie b. April 6, 1905 d. 
    Eleanor Eva b. December 24, 1909 d. 

    Picture of family in front of their home HERE.

Frans Patrick was nicknamed Frank. He worked as a locomotive engineer for the Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway his entire work life. He married Kate ______. They had no children.

Karl August was nicknamed Charlie. He worked as ______. He along with his brother Fred developed several inventions which paid royalties for many years. This income allowed the parents and children to live comfortably at the family home 129 Akin Avenue for their entire lives. He never married and had no children.

Hilda Josephina was nicknamed Hulda. She worked at home as a seamstress. She had a severe case of arthritis and lived the later part of her life as an invalid. She sought treatment for her arthritis as far away as England to no effect. She never married and had no children. She used to send me a birthday card when I was a child. She always included a stick of chewing gum.

Maude was born a mongoloid child. She lived with the family in their home until her passing. She was included in all family activities.

The parents of Lena Petersdotter were:

Father Peter Nilsson b. 1796 26/10 in Stockaryd.
Mother Caisa Lisa Svensdotter b. 1797 16/11 in Stockaryd.

The parents of Peter Nilsson are not known yet.
The parents of Caisa Lisa Svensdotter were father Sven Persson b. 11 October 1758. Mother Sisgen Carlsdotter b. 1 January 1768.

Nothing more in known about this line.

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