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John Ullian

Father: Antonio ______ Ullian b. est. 1870 d. est 1930
Said to come from Argentina.

Antonio married Mary ______ Mascarello b. est. 1870 d. est 1930. They had two children, both who came to the United States between 1906 and 1908.

Valentino  Ullian b. ______1879 d. ______ came to the USA November 24, 1906

Found in Ellis Island Immigration Files as Valentino Ulliani

John Batista Ullian b. September 5, 1890 d. December 5, 1970

Found in Ellis Island Immigration Files as Gio. Batta Uhan (transcription error)

John married Linda _____ _ Ferraro b. ______1894 d. May 17, l929

They had six children:

Mary Catherine Ullian Larson (My mom)
John Anthony Ullian
Livia Agnes Ullian French
Gino ______ Ullian
Joseph ______ Ullian
Virginia ______ Ullian (died in infancy)

John Ullian lived with his brother Valentino and wife Teresa in Centerville, Iowa where they both worked as miners in the coal mines. His nephew Anthony Soardi Ullian also lived there.

John was called for service in the First World War in 1917. He went to Rockford, Illinois, to Campo Grant where he received his basic training.

He was then sent overseas where he fought in France. He was gassed and suffered a bayonet wound in his arm.

Upon return from duty he went to Rockford where he entered the landscape business with his Ferraro friends from back in the Alpine Region of Northern Italy.

His future wife, who he probably knew in Italy, came over in November 20, 1920. They were married in December , 1920. See how they must have known one another in Italy?

They went on to have six children.

His wife Linda died in the 1929 flu epidemic leaving five minor children.

John in 1930 put them all in an orphans home and went to work in Texas where he remained until the 1950's. It is not known why he chose Texas.

He returned to Joliet, Illinois where he lived on a farm bought by his sons after serving in WWII.

John worked as a landscape gardener. He also worked for Joliet Heating for a period.

With service connected injuries he was entitled to care from the US Veterans Hospital. He needed care for lung problems.

He died of pneumonia at 80 years of age.

To his last days he could recite his military service number.

Any information available about the ancestry of Antonio would be appreciated. Contact the Ullian Family History Project secretary for dependency information. Much of this data is also needed. 


Over the years I have collected names similar to Ullian as a curiosity. A derivative of Julius Cesar, for sure, the Julian Calendar, as well as these last names may seem to follow. To suggest additions and add nationalities send an email to 

Ullian is my middle name. It was the maiden name of my mother. The spelling is Ullian. But I have documents from Italy which show relatives spelling the name Ulian. The immigration workers probably came as close to the pronunciation by the immigrant as they could. Hence many families say their name changed at Ellis Island.

Here's my list:

Note G Germany A Austria S Sweden N Norway I Italy R Russia H Hungary  F France

Soundex U450

Uehlein  G
Uhlen  G
Uhlein  G
Uhlin  S
Uihlein  G
Ulan  A  R
Ulano  S
Ulanow  R
Ulleana  I
Ulen  N
Ulhleim  G
Ulian  A
Uliana  Montenegro
Ulianna  H
Uliano  S  I
Ullain  H
Ullan  S
Ullein  H
Ullen  H  N  S
Ullian  H  I
Ulliana  I
Ulliani  F
Ullin  H  S
Uwlen  R
Uylean  H


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