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Francesco Ferraro

Frank Joseph Ferraro b. ______1870 d. March 26, l926
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Born September 21, 1870 in San Georgio, Italy.

Father Anthony Ferraro (estimate 1850-1920)

Mother name Anna Guerra


Giovanni married Polleto (South America) had 14 children

Giovanna married Miotti. Children Pellegrino, Antonio, Maria, Margaret

Peter married Titona (Children Antonio, Maria)

Antonio married Prudence (Children Antonio, Anna, John, Maria)

Francesco Ferraro married Caterina Villanova.

Frank married Catherine Villanova  (Ferraro) b. ______1871 d. September 17, l942 
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They had twelve children:

Linda Ferraro (Ullian) b. ______1894 d. May 17, l929 Click HERE for more about Linda Ferraro
Virginio ______ Ferraro (died at birth)
John ______ Ferraro (lived in Glencoe, Illinois)
Narccissus Ferraro (lived in Glencoe, Illinois)
Ida Ferraro Dal Dasso (stayed in Italy)
Gino ______ Ferraro (lived in Nadeau, Michigan)
Livia ______ Ferraro (stayed in Italy)
Sabrina ______ Ferraro (died in Italy as a young child)
Alfredo ______ Ferraro  (died in Italy as a young child)
Sereno ______ Ferraro 
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Any information available about the ancestry of Frank would be appreciated. Contact the Ullian Family History Project secretary for dependency information. Much of this data is also needed. 

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