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Caroline Lena Anderson

Caroline Lena Peterson married Swan Anderson in Sweden.  They had six children when they left their home in Sweden to come to the United States. They emigrated 10/17/1884 all from Sondra Soregard, Hjalmseryd, Jonkopings lan (Smoland).

Swan was born Sven August Andersson 12/16/1840 in Stockaryd, Jonkopings lan (Smoland)

Lena was born Lena Petersdotter  7/30/1842 in Stockaryd, Jonkopings lan (Smoland)


Fred A Anderson b. 8/18/1866  d. ______1933 Anders Fritiof Svensson Andersson
John A Anderson b. 4/17/1869 d. ______1890 Per Johan Elias Svensson Andersson
Caroline Lena Anderson b. 11/3/ l871 d. 11/ 21/ l948 Karolina Kristina Svensdotter Andersson
Frank Patrick Anderson b. 4/12/1874 d.  19/12/ l942  Frans Patrik Svensson Andersson
married Kate
Charles A Anderson b.1/13/1877 d. ______1931 Karl August Svensson Andersson
Hulda Anderson b. 12/15/ l877 d. 10/ 28/ l950 Hilda Josefina Svensdotter Andersson
Maudie  Anderson b. ______1890 d. ______1937 (Born in the USA)

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