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Axel Stanislaus Larson

The line for Axel Stanislaus Larson so far has been researched back to 1792.
Click HERE for pedigree chart.

Direct ancestors shown in yellow highlight.

Generation 1792 Father Side

Haggarp Hulbergts Kalmar (GID: 140.9.29900) Click HERE to see image.

Peter Swensson born January 20, 1792
Sara Larsdotter born February 18, 1792.
They had two children:
Lars Johan born April 7, 1821
Sara Nina born June 30, 1823

Rumskulla Kalmar (GID: 182.4.49600)
They can also be found in the previous book 1825-1830 (GID: 140.8.400)

Generation 1780 Mother Side

Carl Bonnevier born September 6, 1780
 Maria Charlotta Wattenstrom born March 22, 1777
They had eight children (GID: 45.3.79200) Click HERE to see image. HERE to continue.


Anna Lotta




Carl Heindrick




Anders Gustaf




Johan Fredrik




Peter Adolf




Lovisa Ulrika




Maja Lisa




Johanna Karolina



Generation 1821 Father Side

Lars Johan Petersson born April 7, 1821
Johanna Carolina Bonnevier born October 1, 1819. 
 (GID: 45.18.32000) Click HERE for image of birth record
Bonnevier goes back to the 1500's in Sweden from Belgium.
They had seven children all born in Vimmby Kalmar. (Vimmerby)

(GID: 182.26.2600) 1853-1858 Click HERE to see copy of image.
(GID: 182.1.36700)  1862-1870 Click HERE to see copy of image.
(GID: 182.3.3800) 1871-1876 Click HERE to see a copy of image.
(GID: 182.4.41600)  1877-1880 Click HERE to see copy of image.
(GID: 182.6.18500) 1881-1890 Click HERE to see a copy of image.


Carl John Theodor Click HERE for copy of (GID: 182.1.54800)




Oscar Fredrik




Ida Mathilda Click HERE for copy of (GID: 182.1.54400)




Anders Wilhelm  Click HERE for Emigration Record




Lars August




Gustaf Frithrof 




Axel Stanislaus Click HERE for Emigration Record




Anders Wilhelm (?Larson?) did emigrate to the USA but he has not been found. His last name is not known since he supposedly selected a different name.

Lars August is next in line to be researched after John.

Gustaf Frithiof came to the USA and adopted his mothers maiden name of Bonnevier. He came to the USA in about 1884. He worked in a tailor shop in Joliet, Illinois in 1885. The shop may have been run by his brother John. He went on to marry Ida Peterson 10/17/1885 Cook County Illinois. He was at the tailor shop still in 1887. Then he most likely moved to Chicago. West 61st Street in the USA census. The 1900 census has him as age 20 at the West 61st Street address.. But the 1910 census has him at 51 years of age which is correct. All his children show in that census except Carl who had moved out by then, it is supposed.

His children include:
Carl, Gustaf 1889 foundry worker, Siegred 1891 clerk dry goods store, Arvid 1893 Edison office boy, Henry 1897, Oscar 1900. This information is in the formative stages and may not be entirely correct.

Axel Stanislaus Larson came to the USA in 1885. He worked at the tailor shop in Joliet, Illinois which might have been run by his older brother John. He married Alda Swanson in 1888. Alda came to the USA in 1887. More on Axel below.

Generation 1833 Wife Side

Johan Peter Svensson born October 12, 1833
married Johanna Charlotta Ek born May 3, 1837
They had two children:

Frans born December 18, 1864
Adolfina born November 13, 1867

(GID: 210.1.17300) Click HERE to see image.

Generation 1865

Axel Stanislaus Larson October 26, l865 - October 27, l922  (57 years 1 day)

He emigrated 3/3/1885 from Overum, Vastra Ed, Kalmar lan (Smoland) to North America.

His future wife Alda came in 1887.  They had nine children. My great grandfather is said to have come with siblings but I can not find them in immigrant arrivals. I am working on that now.

Axel married Alda (Swanson)    He was married to Alda four months after her arrival in the USA. They were from the same area in Sweden. 

See Larson Documents for Emigration Records.

Axel worked at the shop of John Larson in Joliet Illinois as a tailor. He eventually opened his own tailor shop on the main street of Joliet above the Rialto Theater.


Axel and Alda had nine children: All lived to adulthood.

George ______ Larson
Henry ______ Larson
Paul ______ Larson
David Nathaniel Larson February 6, l893 - June 30, 1972 (My Grandfather)
Ruth ______ Larson ______
Morris ______ Larson
Phillip ______ Larson
Viola ______ Larson ______
Albert ______ Larson

Any information available about the ancestry of Axel would be appreciated. Contact the Larson Family History Project secretary for dependency information.

Click HERE to see family tree for the Swedish side of my family.

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